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REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD— Determined Jacob


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: A REAL Man Runs for His Life Our story begins with Jacob fleeing, determined to escape Esau’s wrath. Though our REAL GOD intended Abraham’s Covenant to be given to Jacob, Esau is rightfully angry that his brother stole the blessing and not-so rightfully vows to kill Jacob. Mother … Read More

What Happened to the Un-Chosen—Esau & Others?

SI Cover- Griffey Jr.

Roy got a Sports Illustrated magazine in the mail last month with the cover story, “Where are they now?” Inside, the feature article showcased lots of athletes from the late 1900’s in their current-day circumstance. Some, like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, were rich and famous (not necessarily a good thing) while others, like Super Bowl icon William … Read More

REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD – Isaac’s Twin Boys


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Today we’re going to talk about a very REAL FAMILY—Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob. They were a mess. As always, we’ll see how our REAL GOD shows up in the midst of their mess. What are the REAL PEOPLE Doing? When today’s story … Read More

When God Gets Real: Isaac and Rebecca

Our new home in North Carolina

We’ve just sold a house, bought a house, and are preparing for a cross-country move from WA State to North Carolina. While in NC looking for that perfect home, we offered on a new construction. Log cabin on a hill, beautiful view, perfect. The offer fell through, but Roy and I somehow knew God had … Read More

REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD – Abraham’s Sacrifice


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Thanks for joining Lyndsey and I for this week’s podcast. Instead of writing out the long script of notes (I’ve gotten several “unsubscribes”), let’s try just a short outline of the content. The real heart of our message—and the message of God’s Word—comes … Read More

Bargaining with God by Lyndsey Kirk

I got into a bargaining match with my dad once when I was about 8 years old. It did not go well…for me. As I recall, we were driving home from having been out to eat for dinner, and I was desperately pleading for some ice cream from the back seat of the car. After … Read More

Real People, Real God – Abraham’s Sign of the Covenant


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: REAL PEOPLE Make a Plan To begin part two of Abram’s story, let’s jump ahead about 10 years. We read about this plan in last week’s blog (if you need a refresher, CLICK HERE): Abram and Sarai have grown impatient in waiting for offspring, so … Read More

Embracing Your GPS—Sarai & Hagar


I was on my way to speak at a pastors’ wife’s conference and made the grave error of relying on my phone’s GPS for directions. Why was it an error? Because the conference center was so far into the mountain foothills that my phone lost reception. When I lost my cell signal, I lost my … Read More

Real People, Real God: Abraham’s Covenant Calling


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE:  REAL PEOPLE Leave their Homeland To get a good understanding of Abram’s story, we actually need to begin with his father, Terah. Genesis 11:31: “Terah took his son Abram, his grandson Lot of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, the wife of his son … Read More

From Noah to Abraham—Is Comfortable a Crime?


A toddler cuddles a satin-edged blanket. A teenaged girl cherishes her grandmother’s heirloom ring. A father bursts with pride while his son helps him restore a ‘57 Chevy. Why prefer the frayed for comfort? Why seek the familiar for security? My husband sees no reason to discard a t-shirt until it’s riddled with holes and … Read More