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When God Leads by Lyndsey Kirk


Please welcome my podcast co-host, Lyndsey Kirk! She is a young woman whose spiritual waters run deep as a campus pastor at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. If you haven’t listened to one of our podcasts yet, REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD, I hope you will soon! From Lyndsey: Have you ever been at a crossroads in life? Life … Read More

Real People, Real God— Moses After Hollywood


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: What happened to Moses after the Hollywood stories of DeMille’s Ten Commandments and DreamWorks’ Prince of Egypt? After God’s deliverer leads Israel across the Red Sea, how long does it take to get to Mt. Sinai? What route do they take? We aren’t as … Read More

The I AM Factor


I believe God answers prayer. I suspect many of you would agree. However, we often look for the “BIG” answers and neglect His more subtle activity that surrounds us each day. A few years ago, a local radio station challenged its listeners to call in with “God sightings” throughout the day. I usually listen to … Read More

Real People, Real God— Moses, Part I


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Most of you are probably familiar with Moses’s story, but we’re going to tackle this long and important chunk of Scripture from the perspective of how Moses (and the stories of Exodus) fits into the overall story of the Bible. We began our … Read More

A Family Tree And Its Trunk


Every family has one—the primary trunk of the family tree—the person who creates and maintains communication and connection between the whole family. In many families, it’s the mama. We didn’t understand this dynamic until my mother-in-law died of cancer in 2007, when she was fifty-nine years old. Far too young and way before our family … Read More



     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: The story of Jacob’s son, Joseph, is familiar to most of us and can be found in Genesis 37-50. It’s also been told to children and adults through fiction in a myriad of ways. The Dreamworks movie, Joseph: King of Dreams, is one … Read More

Family Feud by Lindsey Kirk


  Welcome to my podcast co-host, Lyndsey Kirk! Thanks for writing today’s post for us! One of my favorite TV shows to watch is Family Feud. I like trying to guess the best answers to the questions. I like the funny things people say. And with a hilarious host like Steve Harvey, the show can … Read More

Writing From Dry Bones


Greetings, Y’all! It’s been a busy August, and September looks to be just as crazy. Since my last blog post, I’ve moved across the country, attended two conferences, started editing the rough draft of Isaiah’s Daughter, and this weekend will help my daughter’s family move into our basement. All of these are fabulous things, real and true … Read More

REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD— Determined Jacob


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: A REAL Man Runs for His Life Our story begins with Jacob fleeing, determined to escape Esau’s wrath. Though our REAL GOD intended Abraham’s Covenant to be given to Jacob, Esau is rightfully angry that his brother stole the blessing and not-so rightfully vows to kill Jacob. Mother … Read More

What Happened to the Un-Chosen—Esau & Others?

SI Cover- Griffey Jr.

Roy got a Sports Illustrated magazine in the mail last month with the cover story, “Where are they now?” Inside, the feature article showcased lots of athletes from the late 1900’s in their current-day circumstance. Some, like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, were rich and famous (not necessarily a good thing) while others, like Super Bowl icon William … Read More