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Show Me Your Power, Jesus

10-02-15--Mesu muscles (2)

  We were newlyweds during a typical Indiana summer—hot, humid, and no breeze—and our 14’x70’ mobile home had no air conditioning. Thanks to my parents’ generosity, a brand new window air conditioner had landed in the trunk of my car. Hubby Roy said he needed help getting the AC out of the trunk, but our … Read More

If Others Get It, Why Don’t I?


Smart people make me itch. Perhaps I should qualify that. My husband is very intelligent, but he can at least boil things down to a level I can get. Maybe that’s why I don’t read much poetry, go to art museums, or attend the opera. That feeling of “I don’t get it” saps the joy … Read More

Biblical Fiction Fans by Bethel Burton/Kate Hodges


This week, I’m excited to introduce y’all to two important people in my life, Bethel Burton and Kate Hodges. They are the co-coordinators of my BFF Team–the team of committed Biblical Fiction Fans that helps promote my books and provide prayer support and encouragement throughout the year. Bethel and Kate are new coordinators and bring unique gifts to share … Read More

Taming the Social Media Tongue in 10 Easy Steps


If there’s one part of the body that gets some majorly bad press in God’s Word…it’s the tongue. And for good reason. My mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I care to admit. “The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole … Read More

Called to a Job Bigger than You


It’s more than a little scary when God calls us to do a job that’s bigger than we are. I feel that gallop in my heart each time I begin the first sentence of a new book or have to propose new projects to my publisher. How about you? Are there things in your life … Read More

Planning Ahead for Miriam’s Release

2015-08-28 blog post

Have you started buying Christmas presents yet? What about Valentine’s Day candy? Made plans for Spring break 2016? It may seem crazy to plan so far ahead, but such is my life these days. Miriam, my second novel of the Treasure of the Nile series will release in March 2016, and we’re already gearing up … Read More

Sacred Rhythms—Creating a Rule of Life


I recently returned home from a 24-day trip feeling both tired and refreshed. Tired from sleeping in strange beds and a busy travel schedule, but refreshed because it was a break from the normal deadlines and routines. Back in June, before I left, I remember wondering how the trip might impact my practice of the … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Sabbath

7-24-15--Swedish student

A few years ago, we hosted an exchange student from Sweden. It was our first year as empty-nesters, so it was just Roy and I in the house with this sixteen-year-old girl who had been raised on TV reruns of Friends and lived very differently than our conservative Midwest townsfolk. Surprisingly, the biggest difference was … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Self-Examination

07-17-15--Zeke exam

We’ve been taking Zeke to puppy kindergarten. They taught us something called the Restraint Exercise because someday Zeke might need to lie completely still for his own safety—at the vet’s office, if he’s been injured, etc. I lay him gently on his side, all four legs outstretched, and hold him there until he’s completely relaxed. … Read More

Sacred Rhythms—Honoring the Body

07-10-15--shack or mansion

My hubby is building a 12’x8’ shed on our property in the foothills. It need not be extravagant, but it must be well-built. Maintained. Carefully planned out according to the purpose for which it is intended. In years to come, we’ll use it for storage, but until we build a cabin, this shed will be … Read More