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Who’s the Baby-Killin’ King?

Countdown Week 3

I don’t know about you, but when I encounter a genealogy in the Bible, I’ve been known to skip the whole thing and resume reading at the narrative. Can I get an, “Amen, Sistah”? And what’s with biblical ages? Seriously. Who can keep track of folks whose lifespan is 600 years—or more? Even people like … Read More

2015 Blog Contest Rules

Here are my 2015 Blog Contest Rules: No purchase necessary to enter or win Contest is open to US and international participants. International winners may receive a substitute prize of equal or greater value. The contest begins when the blog post goes live and ends at midnight PST on the Wednesday preceding the following Friday … Read More

Slavery in Stages

Cou ntdown Week 4

No addict expects to become an addict. When I began drinking alcohol at age fifteen, I didn’t think, “I’m going to get drunk every day and hide bottles in my bedroom.” But by nineteen, I was hooked and could have easily ruined the rest of my life—if Jesus hadn’t rescued me. Addictions are sneaky. They … Read More

When Comfort Becomes Bondage

5-wk countdown

m4s0n501   I’d had a rumbly tummy and full-out intestinal revolt for five days. I’d narrowed down the suspects to three possible causes: my favorite oatmeal, coffee with creamer, or stress. Faced with the very real possibility of giving up my favorite breakfast food or—heaven forbid—coffee, I began rationalizing…       How could anyone … Read More

Birth Order Burdens

Cooley kids

Birth order can be an interesting topic. I’m the baby of the family—nine years younger than my brother and fourteen years younger than my sister. I was officially an “oops,” but my parents called me their “bonus baby” to shield my little psyche. Babies of the family typically don’t need a lot of shielding, however. … Read More

Beyond Belief


I thought I was done with my rough draft on Miriam—book #6 on Moses’s sister. It was 9pm on a Saturday night, and I had typed the last sentence: Yahweh, in His infinite wonder, would undoubtedly keep stretching her ________________ …I couldn’t think of the right words to end that sentence. I’d written almost 100,000 … Read More

Come and Worship


Have you ever tried to cry? I remember as a little girl, a friend and I challenged each other to see who could cry first. The plan was to think sad thoughts and squeeze out a few tears. Only little girls would think of such a challenge, right? Little boys test each other’s skill to … Read More

God’s Open-Door Policy

Playing cards

How many of you play cards? Anyone know how to play euchre? I gotta tell you—a kid couldn’t make it through MY high school if he/she didn’t play euchre. If the teacher finished the lesson five minutes early, we students shoved our chair-desks together in groups of four and started dealing out cards. Give me … Read More

New Direction for a New Year

New Year

It’s January 9th, and by now many are struggling to keep those New Year’s resolutions—if we were brave or foolish enough to make them. I used to make New Year’s resolutions, but after a few decades of failure, I decided not to try another one. A Resolution Evolution During my quiet time on New Year’s … Read More

Surviving the New Year

Surviving Henry

This week is my last author interviews for a while, but I’ve saved this one to tickle your funny bone. Since I write fiction, I know most of my readers read fiction, but today I’m introducing you to a non-fiction author. And you’re going to love her–and her book. Meet Erin Taylor Young Erin is one … Read More