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Real People, Real God—Joshua in the Promised Land


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Have you ever been asked to do something so beyond your ability that you felt like giving up before you even started? Today’s character study begins with a glimpse of Moses’ final days and then focuses on Joshua, a man assigned a God-sized task…. … Read More

Aaron—Let the Mediating Begin

Doctor Mediator

Have you noticed how important that first point-of-contact person is at your doctor’s office? We used to call them receptionists, but they have different titles nowadays. “Patient Care Specialist” (PCS) is the most appropriate title I’ve seen for those mediators who are really good at their jobs. Concerns arise when my favorite and fabulous PCS … Read More

Real People, Real God—Bezalel and the Tabernacle


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: A Tabernacle Build With New Hearts “Then all the congregation of the people of Israel…came, everyone whose heart stirred him, and everyone whose spirit moved him, and brought the Lord ‘s contribution to be used for the tent of meeting…So they came, both … Read More

Latent Traits and Talents

Mesu - 2nd Grade

How can I begin to describe the wonder of grandchildren? It’s not only that they’re so incredibly cute (though they absolutely are), but something happens to us when our children bear children. We become suddenly…wise. We see in our grandkids’ little bodies traits and talents that will one day grow into similarities of their parents—as if … Read More

The Ultimate “Bookish” Gift List


I know this is Monday, and you don’t usually hear from me until Friday, but Christmas is just around the corner and gifts are on my mind. Amanda Geaney, has created an amazing list of PERFECT gifts for that nerdy book enthusiast in your life. You know the type…always has a book in her hand…Oh, … Read More

Real People, Real God—Moses on Mt. Sinai


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: We’re so enjoying our new home in the Appalachian Mountains. Every time I walk or drive anywhere with my grandkids, we sing, “We’re going up the hill and down the hill. Up the hill and down the hill.” Because we can’t go anywhere … Read More

How’s Life?


We’re taking a break from our Through the Bible Character Study because…well…Lyndsey and I are having technical difficulties with the voice recording app on our phones. Yep. There it is—the truth in all its unglamorous detail. The smartphones are smarter than we are, and until the techy guys fix the problem, we’re at their mercy. … Read More

When God Leads by Lyndsey Kirk


Please welcome my podcast co-host, Lyndsey Kirk! She is a young woman whose spiritual waters run deep as a campus pastor at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. If you haven’t listened to one of our podcasts yet, REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD, I hope you will soon! From Lyndsey: Have you ever been at a crossroads in life? Life … Read More

Real People, Real God— Moses After Hollywood


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: What happened to Moses after the Hollywood stories of DeMille’s Ten Commandments and DreamWorks’ Prince of Egypt? After God’s deliverer leads Israel across the Red Sea, how long does it take to get to Mt. Sinai? What route do they take? We aren’t as … Read More

The I AM Factor


I believe God answers prayer. I suspect many of you would agree. However, we often look for the “BIG” answers and neglect His more subtle activity that surrounds us each day. A few years ago, a local radio station challenged its listeners to call in with “God sightings” throughout the day. I usually listen to … Read More