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Embracing Eventually

boy & peas

When you must eat something you don’t like, do you eat it first or save it ‘til last? I’m an eat-it-first kind of gal. If I see a hard thing on the horizon, I get through it as quickly as possible. A chilly swimming pool? I dive in! Unavoidable mud puddle? I slog through! Why … Read More

Writing Lesson from My Grand-Daughter

I visited my Atlanta grandkids back in June. Two of those darling grand-daughters (Emilie and Audrey) I usually see only once a year, and I swear they grow a foot each time I see them! I love their creativity and watching them grow from baby dolls to tea parties to playing school. This year, while Audie … Read More

Name Miriam’s Dog!

canaan dog

As many of you know, we recently added a four-legged friend to our family. We adopted Theo–a three-year-old American bulldog mix–from our local humane shelter, and he’s added a splash of joy to our lives. He’s my writing buddy, my foot-warmer, and my inspiration for a special character in the new book I’m plotting.  Beginning Miriam’s … Read More

Become a Peculiar Bible Reader


Have you heard the story about the guy who suddenly noticed a terrible smell in every room of his house? It was very distinct and a smell he recognized immediately. He called his friend and said, “Someone has played a dirty trick and hidden Limburger cheese in every room of my house! I need you … Read More

Cover Celebration Contest

Pharaoh's daughter cover

I LOVE seeing a new cover for the first time! How about you? A good cover often conveys the mood of the book before opening that first page. Cover Celebration Contest So today’s post is a celebration! I wanted to thank the folks at Waterbrook/Multnomah for the FABULOUS cover of The Pharaoh’s Daughter! Thank you! Thank you! Thank … Read More

Do Deadlines Make Your Teeth Itch?


Some of you know that when deadlines hit, I hit a wall. Some folks excel under pressure. I fold. Some people like the thrill of competition. I concede. For those of you who thrive with goals and deadlines—you have my deepest respect and congratulations. For those who struggle—as I do—with meeting demands when the clock … Read More

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Has your heart ever felt so warm and full, you thought it might burst? That’s how I feel when our new dog snuggles up close for some love. If you’re not a pet person, you may not understand this feeling, but I happen to believe the Lord gave us furry, feathered, and four-legged friends to … Read More

Near-Sighted, Far-Sighted, God-Sighted


I used to work with eyeballs. My first big-girl job in 1989 was with an optometrist, who taught me basic technical skills to measure a patient’s visual acuity. When my husband went to seminary, I worked for an ophthalmologist as his scribe—following him from exam to exam, writing every word of his findings for his … Read More

No More Ho-Hum, Whiny-Pants

Our church recently hired a new pastor. Now, a new pastor is an exciting venture under any circumstance, but THIS new pastor and his family are originally from New Zealand! (Yep, been there! Loved it! Big shout-out to my New Zealand buddies.)  I don’t know if it’s the cool Kiwi accent or if perhaps this new pastor has … Read More

The Way to Rest

jogging--heart rest

I went to a writers’ conference last April and learned something about health and fitness. Crazy, huh? The speaker used an aerobics metaphor to make her point: Measure your resting heart rate before beginning a workout and then at the height of activity. When you’re ready to cool down, measure heart rate again, and time … Read More