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Forming Your Identity

05-29-15 identity

How do you form an opinion of someone you’ve just met? Dogs aren’t at all timid. They walk right up to each other and start sniffing. People generally use some restraint and do their assessing from a distance. Clothes, hairstyle, skin color, vocabulary—we use it all to form an identity for those we meet. What … Read More

Will You Defend Unto Death?

05-22-15 apple charger

My maternal grandfather was a prosecutor, but none of his debating genes reached me. I hate arguing. Makes my teeth itch. I’m so compliant that I open the ketchup package where it says, “Tear Here.” I’m Nellie-Never-Fight, the avoid conflict at all costs girl. Unless, of course, relationship is involved. Case in point: A friend … Read More

Spiritual ADD—Popcorn Kittens in the Soul

Did you see those kittens pouncing on each other? Wrestling? Toppling over and over? That’s what my thoughts had been doing for months. When I tried to concentrate, a stray thought would pounce, sending half-formed concepts tumbling into oblivion. It wasn’t just life that suffered. It was Spiritual ADD too. If I sat down to … Read More

The Power of His Presence 

05-08-15--Cannon Beach Retreat

Whew! I’ve made it through the busiest spring schedule in years! The Pharaoh’s Daughter release, retreats, book signings, radio interviews and my first TV appearance—say it with me, D.O.N.E. Thanks to those of you who stormed the heavens with your prayers on my behalf. Our God answered powerfully. I know of one woman who gave … Read More

The Fruit of Failure

View image | gettyimages.com   “No,” isn’t a word I like to hear. “Wait,” is almost as bad. “Loser” or “failure” is utterly unacceptable. I’m the baby of my family, raised more like an only child since my sister and brother were fourteen and nine years older. I was the definition of a perfectionist. The … Read More

Living Intentionally After the Job’s Done

Click on the highlighted title to download and print: Scriptures to Combat Fear. I don’t know about you, but after a huge push to accomplish a big task, my whole body tends to revolt. Exhaustion hits, emotions crumble, and spiritual attacks threaten. Have you noticed a similar pattern in your life? Maybe after purchasing or moving into … Read More

Spring Scavenger Hunt Stop #13–Pink Team


Welcome to the… Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! I am a part of TEAM PINK, and this is Stop #13. If you’re just joining us, there are two loops—pink and purple—and they begin at Lisa Bergren’s site (purple loop) and Robin Hatcher’s site (pink loop) for stop #1 on either stream. If you complete either the pink or purple … Read More


The Pharaoh’s Daughter – Bible Study—Week #4 Click on the following title to print today’s devotional: Look What I Found—Mehy’s Voices “Who is Mehy?” you ask. I believe Mehy may be the Egyptian name of our biblical Moses. Mehy was an historical military figure who is recorded with Pharaoh Sety on the northern exterior wall of Egypt’s Great … Read More


The Pharaoh’s Daughter –Bible Study—Week #3 Click on the following title to print today’s devotional: Look What I Found—Contrasting Jochebed and Ankhe After completing the last edit of The Pharaoh’s Daughter, I began formulating this 4-week Bible study. My assistant and I discussed the spiritual themes of the book and which character studies might illustrate them best. … Read More

Look What I Found—Mered’s Steadfast Heart

The Pharaoh’s Daughter – Bible Study—Week #2 Click on the following title to print today’s devotional: Look What I Found—Mered’s Peace Biblical novels give us a chance to meet folks we might not otherwise notice if a deeper story hadn’t been researched and written. Mered is one of those biblical characters. Lost in a long genealogy of the … Read More