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Studying Sacred Rhythms—Sabbath

7-24-15--Swedish student

A few years ago, we hosted an exchange student from Sweden. It was our first year as empty-nesters, so it was just Roy and I in the house with this sixteen-year-old girl who had been raised on TV reruns of Friends and lived very differently than our conservative Midwest townsfolk. Surprisingly, the biggest difference was … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Self-Examination

07-17-15--Zeke exam

We’ve been taking Zeke to puppy kindergarten. They taught us something called the Restraint Exercise because someday Zeke might need to lie completely still for his own safety—at the vet’s office, if he’s been injured, etc. I lay him gently on his side, all four legs outstretched, and hold him there until he’s completely relaxed. … Read More

Sacred Rhythms—Honoring the Body

07-10-15--shack or mansion

My hubby is building a 12’x8’ shed on our property in the foothills. It need not be extravagant, but it must be well-built. Maintained. Carefully planned out according to the purpose for which it is intended. In years to come, we’ll use it for storage, but until we build a cabin, this shed will be … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms – Prayer

07-03-15--Andrews in Ashland

It was 1989, and my husband, our two little girls, and I moved to a town about an hour away from our immediate family. During the months leading up to the move, my spiritual hunger had grown ravenous, so our first priority was to find a Bible-teaching church that had a vibrant women’s group. Guess … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Scripture


Many of you have heard or read my testimony of conversion and the reason I’m so passionate about God’s Word. Having grown up as a “spiritual mutt”—my mom is Charismatic, dad was Quaker, grandparents were Pilgrim Holiness ministers—I was utterly confused as a kid about what Scripture had to say about some key theological issues. … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Solitude


It’s been twenty-eight years since I’ve had a baby, but on May 17th my husband and I brought home a 9 ½-pound, 8-week-old boy named Zeke—a Staffordshire terrier puppy. For the first three weeks, someone had to watch our precious little bundle of energy EVERY minute. I’d forgotten about taking showers in shifts, never eating … Read More

Studying Sacred Rhythms—Longing for More


How long has it been since you’ve felt a deep longing? I don’t mean a rumbly tummy when a cheeseburger commercial flashes on the screen. I mean the kind of longing that makes your chest constrict and your innards claw to come out—how long has it been? In a world of instant gratification, I fear … Read More

Introduction to Sacred Rhythms


I’ve given birth twice, and I’ve experienced the unspeakable privilege of watching both of my daughters give birth to their first babies. But I can say without reservation—I have no idea how life happens. How does an infant live in a sack of amniotic fluid for nine months and then suddenly enter a world of … Read More

Forming Your Identity

05-29-15 identity

How do you form an opinion of someone you’ve just met? Dogs aren’t at all timid. They walk right up to each other and start sniffing. People generally use some restraint and do their assessing from a distance. Clothes, hairstyle, skin color, vocabulary—we use it all to form an identity for those we meet. What … Read More

Will You Defend Unto Death?

05-22-15 apple charger

My maternal grandfather was a prosecutor, but none of his debating genes reached me. I hate arguing. Makes my teeth itch. I’m so compliant that I open the ketchup package where it says, “Tear Here.” I’m Nellie-Never-Fight, the avoid conflict at all costs girl. Unless, of course, relationship is involved. Case in point: A friend … Read More