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Not a Normal Easter

chocolate easter bunny

Easter as a child—I remember Easter baskets, corsages, and matching dresses. I’d wake up on Easter morning and fly downstairs to find three brightly-wrapped Easter baskets waiting on the hearth—one for my sister, my brother, and me. A solid chocolate bunny always stood up in the middle, and my mom, sister, and I wore corsages … Read More

Review of ISCARIOT by Tosca Lee


Not a Novel for the Faint of Heart One of my favorite reads of 2014, Iscariot is real and raw and disturbing…like Judas himself. By introducing us to Judas Bar Simon (Judas, son of Simon) as a mere child, Tosca makes the hated betrayer a sympathetic figure. And the truth is…Judas was once a child. Consider … Read More

Flawed Biblical Good Guys & Good in Biblical Bads

Bible Heroes

Think of your favorite biblical hero. David? Moses? Paul? Now, imagine some grouchy biblical novelist (like me) writing David’s story—but giving the beloved king a terrible flaw. Maybe he bites his fingernails or incessantly clears his throat. What if Moses had a receding hairline? Not a problem while he’s a prince of Egypt—wearing a wig … Read More

Christian Fiction Spring Scavenger Hunt

Queen's Handmaid

Follow the clues for a chance to win: Grand Prize: Kindle Fire HDX & $100 Gift Cert ~OR~ Two Second Prize Winners Get: All 32 novels! Welcome to the Spring Scavenger Hunt! You’ve arrived at the 3rd stop! The hunt begins at noon (Mountain time) on April 4, 2014. You may have arrived here before the official … Read More

Aronofsky’s “Noah”—A Titanic Experience

In 2007, my hubby accepted his first college faculty position, and we moved from Indiana to the Great Pacific Northwest. He began teaching at Multnomah Bible College, and I was thrilled to have access to their amazing library resources. Besides the fantastic research possibilities, I also scoured their shelves for biblical novels and found an … Read More

Author Interview-Tosca Lee’s Iscariot

Welcome, Tosca Lee! Tosca’s book, Havah, is one of my all-time favorite biblical novels, and I was so anxious to read Iscariot because she’s tackled such a difficult character! I’ve reviewed Iscariot in my April 1st Newsletter, but we wanted to give a preview of Tosca’s writing process and a few other tidbits… Mesu: Why do you write biblical novels? … Read More

Tracy Higley–Queen’s Handmaid Review

Queen's Handmaid

I Love Epics The grander, the better. Old or new, doesn’t matter. I loved Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments, and I love Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Give me an afternoon of Dances With Wolves, Gladiator, or Troy, and I’m as happy as a pig in the mud on a sunny day. Maybe even happier.  Tracy Higley Thinks EPIC! So, when I … Read More

Liz Higgs’ New eBook, Mercy Like Sunlight

Mercy Like Sunlight

Meet a modern Mary Magdalene in Liz Curtis Higgs’s new eBook novella, Mercy Like Sunlight Who Will Set Her Free from the Darkness Inside? Mary Margaret Delaney hides in the shadows, her arms scarred, her heart wounded by grief and weighed down with regret. Adrift on the streets of Chicago, she is surrounded by strangers … Read More

Meet Obadiah–In the Shadow of Jezebel


Picture it with me… It’s 12:03am on Monday, March 3rd, and my rough draft was due to arrive in my new editor’s inbox in nine hours. I’d just written the last sentence of my 111,655-word Pharaoh’s Daughter manuscript, and I emailed the final two chapters to my sweet husband for proofreading. This was my third … Read More

Abba’s Help With Release Week

Garrison blocks

Have you ever written a book? Or climbed a mountain? Or lost 40+ pounds? Maybe you’ve survived a divorce. Perhaps your spouse died—and your heart kept beating. Have you ever accomplished something, stepped back, and thought—“Wow! I can’t believe I did that!” And then you realize—it wasn’t you at all. You’re filled with the overwhelming … Read More