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The Reasons We Celebrate


Today is Halloween, but I’m not going to celebrate it or curse it. Most Christians have an opinion on this controversial subject, and I’ve lived on both sides. When I was in second grade, my family made the decision not to celebrate Halloween. Now, this was back in the days before “harvest parties” were PC. … Read More

Embracing Eventually

boy & peas

When you must eat something you don’t like, do you eat it first or save it ‘til last? I’m an eat-it-first kind of gal. If I see a hard thing on the horizon, I get through it as quickly as possible. A chilly swimming pool? I dive in! Unavoidable mud puddle? I slog through! Why … Read More

Writing Lesson from My Grand-Daughter

I visited my Atlanta grandkids back in June. Two of those darling grand-daughters (Emilie and Audrey) I usually see only once a year, and I swear they grow a foot each time I see them! I love their creativity and watching them grow from baby dolls to tea parties to playing school. This year, while Audie … Read More

Name Miriam’s Dog!

canaan dog

As many of you know, we recently added a four-legged friend to our family. We adopted Theo–a three-year-old American bulldog mix–from our local humane shelter, and he’s added a splash of joy to our lives. He’s my writing buddy, my foot-warmer, and my inspiration for a special character in the new book I’m plotting.  Beginning Miriam’s … Read More

Become a Peculiar Bible Reader


Have you heard the story about the guy who suddenly noticed a terrible smell in every room of his house? It was very distinct and a smell he recognized immediately. He called his friend and said, “Someone has played a dirty trick and hidden Limburger cheese in every room of my house! I need you … Read More

Cover Celebration Contest

Pharaoh's daughter cover

I LOVE seeing a new cover for the first time! How about you? A good cover often conveys the mood of the book before opening that first page. Cover Celebration Contest So today’s post is a celebration! I wanted to thank the folks at Waterbrook/Multnomah for the FABULOUS cover of The Pharaoh’s Daughter! Thank you! Thank you! Thank … Read More

Do Deadlines Make Your Teeth Itch?


Some of you know that when deadlines hit, I hit a wall. Some folks excel under pressure. I fold. Some people like the thrill of competition. I concede. For those of you who thrive with goals and deadlines—you have my deepest respect and congratulations. For those who struggle—as I do—with meeting demands when the clock … Read More

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Has your heart ever felt so warm and full, you thought it might burst? That’s how I feel when our new dog snuggles up close for some love. If you’re not a pet person, you may not understand this feeling, but I happen to believe the Lord gave us furry, feathered, and four-legged friends to … Read More

Near-Sighted, Far-Sighted, God-Sighted


I used to work with eyeballs. My first big-girl job in 1989 was with an optometrist, who taught me basic technical skills to measure a patient’s visual acuity. When my husband went to seminary, I worked for an ophthalmologist as his scribe—following him from exam to exam, writing every word of his findings for his … Read More

No More Ho-Hum, Whiny-Pants

Our church recently hired a new pastor. Now, a new pastor is an exciting venture under any circumstance, but THIS new pastor and his family are originally from New Zealand! (Yep, been there! Loved it! Big shout-out to my New Zealand buddies.)  I don’t know if it’s the cool Kiwi accent or if perhaps this new pastor has … Read More