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Mesu Andrews - SpeaksAudio Sample of Mesu’s Speaking

A single-talk version of “Finding God in the Why,” presented at a 2007 women’s conference. I apologize for the recording quality, but we chose to include this sample because it represents the heart and style of my speaking ministry.

[audio:http://www.mesuandrews.com/newsite/audio/JobVoice.mp3|titles=Finding God in the Why – Mesu Andrews]

Speaking Topics

For Retreats/Conferences (multi-talk events)

  • Silent God, Holy God, Only God – (Treasures of the Nile Series—The Pharaoh’s Daughter and Miriam) Do you feel left out of the loop when others say they’ve heard God speak? Do you sometimes wonder at the methods God uses or His decisions in general? The story of Moses spans the life of the only man Yahweh ever called, friend. Follow Moses through the bulrushes, into Pharaoh’s palace, into Midian, and back to Egypt as God reveals His new name—Yahweh. Watch and listen, as did the Children of Israel, while the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob reveals Himself in magnificent new ways.
  • Sacred Love, Sacred Dance – (Love’s Sacred Song) Scripture says we are to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds and souls, but how do we love and invisible God? Mesu shares from the Song of Solomon a shortened version of her novel, Love in a Sacred Song. The sacred love of Solomon and a lovely shepherdess provide heart-rending life applications that can change our knowledge of God to love for God—loving Him with all our hearts, minds and souls.
  • Finding God in the Why – (Love Amid the Ashes) Most people ask God “Why” at some point in their lives. Why is God Picking on Me? Why is He Punishing Me? Why is He Pulling Away? We’ll examine some of those deeper questions about suffering posed in Mesu’s novel, Love Amid the Ashes. Then, we’ll discuss how to ask good questions and hear God’s answer.
  • Guarding the Truth in Biblical Fiction – (Writers’ Workshop) Isn’t “biblical fiction” an oxymoron? How can an author write fiction about God’s Truth? In this writers’ workshop, we’ll answer practical questions on drawing the line between biblical truth and storytelling, using sound research principles, and staying true to ancient cultures. Bring your questions, and make this a valuable session for YOU
  • Extreme Makeover – What Is God Doing In You? – (Evangelism) A practical working weekend in which we have three goals: 1) we build our personal testimonies in order to 2) learn to boldly share the Gospel, and then 3) clearly discern God’s work in our lives. Bring your spiritual toolbelt, and be prepared to get real with the Master Builder.
  • Our Infinite-Intimate God – How can a deeper understanding of God build your faith? And vice-versa—how does a superficial knowledge of the Creator weaken our ability to trust Him during those crucial life moments? Bring a snorkel and flippers as we skim the surface of God’s deep mysteries. We’ll talk toenails and brownies while learning immanence and transcendence.

Single talks

  • Becoming Part of the Story(Based on my most current release) God’s Word is one beautiful, cohesive love story written and guarded through the ages to reveal His passionate pursuit of relationship. Take a deeper look at the characters in a Bible story. Know their fears, their joys, their culture, their history. Realize how very real they are, flesh and bone, breath and blood. As we explore the ways God loves and pursues the characters in my books (The Pharaoh’s Daughter, March 2015), I believe you’ll realize our God loves and pursues YOU in many of the same ways. See Scripture come alive before your eyes, and live the Word!
  • Listening in the Wilderness(Love in a Broken Vessel) Have you suffered in frustrated silence through dry devotionals, meaningless Bible study, or tormented life decisions? Ever wished God used a megaphone to shout His direction, His will, His answers to your prayers? Take a closer look at the multitude of ways El Shaddai speaks to His people, and learn to listen in your personal wilderness.
  • Sacred Love Song – (Love’s Sacred Song) Do you long for intimacy with God? Journey with me into the heart of the Creator of love, passion, and emotion. Solomon’s Song of Songs is the most enticing love poem ever penned…and it was written with you in mind. A love-letter from your Beloved. Break the seal, read the words, and open your heart to the Lover of our soul. (Requires two one-hour sessions)
  • Where Is God Amid the Ashes?  – (Love Amid the Ashes) Many folks are familiar with Job’s suffering, but how many remember God’s answer to Job’s question, “WHY?” Where is God when our world seems like a pile of ashes?  Take a sweeping glance at the story of Job’s testing and God’s Self-revelation. You’ll never view suffering…or God…the same again.
  • Biblical Research—Strengthening Story and Spirit – (Writers’ Workshop) In this writers’ workshop, we’ll discuss finding reliable resources, building fact and fiction around biblical Truth, and guarding the inner life of the biblical novelist. Bring your questions, and make this a valuable session for YOU!
  • Turning Stressed Around – It’s Just Desserts (Spelled Backwards) – (Christmas) How many big breaths does it take before a balloon pops? The real question is – how many Christmas plays, shopping trips, and church bazaars does it take before mommy’s head pops off? We’ll take a practical look at how a believer can deal with stress and give hands-on stressin’ lessons to recapture the joy of a peaceful heart at Christmas (or anytime).
  • Bible Basics 101 – Ever been baffled by the Beatitudes, perplexed by the Prophets or unregulated by the Revelation? The Bible can be a confusing book until you realize it’s a single story. That’s right – just one story – God’s relentless pursuit of His beloved – you. Cover to cover. Genesis to Revelation. God simply wants you. Let me show you how it fits together.

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