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Meet Melanie Dickerson!

A Spy's DevotionIt is my honor to host the amazing Melanie Dickerson. Regency romance is a close second to biblical fiction for my leisure reading, and A Spy’s Devotion sounds like a must-read for us Regency fans!

Summary of A Spy’s Devotion:

In England’s Regency era, manners and elegance reign in public life—but behind closed doors treason and tawdriness thrive. Nicholas Langdon is no stranger to reserved civility or bloody barbarity. After suffering a battlefield injury, the wealthy, well-connected British officer returns home to heal—and to fulfill a dying soldier’s last wish by delivering his coded diary.

At the home of the Wilherns, one of England’s most powerful families, Langdon attends a lavish ball where he meets their beautiful and intelligent ward, Julia Grey. Determined to maintain propriety, he keeps his distance—until the diary is stolen and all clues lead to Julia’s guardian. As Langdon traces an evil plot that could be the nation’s undoing, he grows ever more intrigued by the lovely young woman. And when Julia realizes that England—and the man she is falling in love with—need her help, she finds herself caught in the fray. Will the two succumb to their attraction while fighting to save their country?

Sounds amazing, huh? Well, Melanie agreed to give us a short excerpt from the book right here on my blog!

From A Spy’s Devotion…

Her face burning and her breath coming in hollow gasps, Julia said, “I will never meet you, in the courtyard or anywhere else. You are a fiend, and if you do not let go—”

“Excuse me, Mr. Edgerton.” Mr. Langdon strode quickly to her side. “But you are detaining my dance partner.” Mr. Langdon gave Edgerton a withering look, his jaw twitching.

Mr. Edgerton let go of Julia’s arm. Mr. Langdon took the cup of lemonade from her hand and calmly set it on the table. He held out his arm to her and led her away from the red-faced Hugh Edgerton.

They arrived on the dance floor just as the music started, just as Julia was able to blink the traces of tears from her eyes and see Mr. Langdon’s face. His brows were lowered and his jaw set in a rock-hard line. Then, as they began to engage in the steps of the dance, his expression softened. “Are you all right, Miss Grey?”

“Yes, I thank you.” She mustn’t think about how grateful she was to Mr. Langdon or she might cry. Instead, she concentrated on her anger and loathing for Mr. Edgerton.

A lady never showed emotion at a public gathering. How many times had she lectured Phoebe on this very matter? But Phoebe never had to worry about men like Hugh Edgerton trying to force her to meet him in the courtyard, or her father trying to force her to marry someone she could not love.

Oh dear Lord!

It suddenly hit her like a boulder against her chest—Mr. Langdon had already danced with her! She was dancing with him for the second time that night. Nicholas Langdon never danced with anyone a second time. Everyone would see. Julia’s aunt, Phoebe, and everyone else would say he was singling her out. The gossip would spread from one end of the party to the other by the end of the dance.

Was she imagining it, or was everyone staring at them and whispering?

Author Bio:

Melanie DickersonMelanie Dickerson is the award-winning author of Christian Historical Romances for teens and adults. Her fairy tale retellings have won Christian Retailing’s Best Award, the Carol Award, and she’s a 2-time Christy Award finalist. Find her at:


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But Wait!

shofarExtra Giveaway: On the previous stop, Deb Raney’s site, you heard about my new release, Miriam. I’d like to do a special giveaway that immerses you in the sights and sounds of the biblical Exodus (no Canaan dog–sorry).

Enter to win an authentic shofar, a polished ram’s horn–the same instrument the Israelites would have used to gather the tribes when they left Egypt! There are many ways to enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. One winner will be chosen and announced on April 27th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love the whole account – it’s amazing and even though it must have been extremely frightened, the Hebrews trusted in God for their deliverance. 🙂

    Thank you for this giveaway! That’s a beautiful shofar. 🙂

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  3. I wrote a book about Joshua and most of the contents came from Exodus. It’s not published yet but I already won a contest with it. I loved how despite all the things the Israelites did God never left them! Also how Joshua and Moses kept climbing for greater things all the while people kept telling them that they (in a whole) weren’t going to make it.

  4. The final plague, or the death of the first born has always intrigued me because it is one that requires a lot of understanding.

    • So true, Rebekah. That plague has so many facets to contemplate, mull, chew, and ponder. But really…I learn something new from ALL those first fifteen chapters of Exodus every time I read them!

    • My mom brought me a ram’s horn from Jerusalem, and when I tried to blow on it…it made an interesting sound! I’m glad this one comes with a “blowing guide!”

  5. Honestly, everything, from the plagues to God’s love and daily provision to showing Himself! Wow! Now that would be mind-blowing. Thanks! The horn is beautiful!

  6. I find the plagues most intriguing. How would we handle these now? I can’t help but try to picture us under these trying conditions.

    • Right? I tried to imagine what I would think if frogs started pouring into my windows, doors, up through my vents, etc. Would I think it was judgment or God’s early stages of rescue from hardship? Eeeeek! 😉

  7. I am intrigued that almost before God could complete one miracle, they were already complaining about something else and seemingly were never satisfied. I would probably understand all of that a bit better if I had been in their sandals in that burning hot desert. 🙂

    • I’m with you on that, Edward. I get frustrated with the Israelites’ complaining, but all I have to do is listen to myself before I’ve had my morning coffee, and I quickly cut them some slack. 😉

  8. I was so close to being able to get your book Miriam the other day but was short a few to get it! I was excited about reading it and letting my wife read it too. Next time…next time.

    Thank you for following your passion to tell stories and also for allowing me the opportunity to read your books!

  9. The who,e account of Exodus was exciting, scary and an adventure that God took His people through. What it must have been like during that time was something to hard to even imagine.

    • The number of Israelites has long been debated, but I agree with you. It was nearly impossible for me to get a picture in my head of thousands–possibly over a million–slaves collected and ready to march out of a single city under the direction of one man. Eeeeee-gad! Talk about a miracle!!!

  10. All of the plagues interest me, and how God showed His mighty power in delivering His people. I am doing a study of Revelation, and we keep going over the 10 plagues, and how interesting that some seem to be coming back in the end days.

    • Agreed. It’s also my favorite part in the movies I’ve seen. LOL! 😀 Ten Commandments–the great special effects for a movie of that generation. Prince of Egypt–I love that you can see fish still swimming in the wall of water!

  11. I’m amazed by all the wonders God does through it all, so there’s no one thing, I suppose! I’ve also had to same reaction as you to the dogs.

  12. I am just amazed to see God’s hand in things. Blessing and strengthening those who are living in such turmoil and afflictions. Miracles before their eyes!! I love it!!

    • That one is sooooooo rich, so many facets to learn about and explore. I don’t think we’ll ever fully understand all the implications until we see the true Lamb on the Throne!

  13. There are so many exciting aspects of the story of Exodus. I loved the Lord’s creativity in leading them and parting the sea. Thank you for participating in this scavenger hunt! 🙂

  14. I love many things about the Exodus story. I especially love how God shows His power in such amazing ways! I am amazed that the Hebrew people could show such utter disregard to the works of God!

    • It’s such a rich story in God’s Word, isn’t it? And it does seem amazing that the Israelites could so easily disregard all God did…until I remember how much God has done for me and how faithless I am at times. Ugh! 😉

  15. Love the story of the Exodus. One of the great stories in the Bible. Visited Israel last summer and walking in the desert really put the story into perspective.

    • Oh, so jealous!! We went to Israel in 2000, and I’ve been aching to return since. Seeing that kind of desert really does put “wilderness wandering” into perspective, doesn’t it?

  16. The whole book of Exodus is interesting, because it is part of God’s word, the Bible. I think I learn something new each time I read Exodus.

    • Isn’t it fun to imagine how they must have felt after 400 years of silence to see this God of their ancestors do things He’d never done before? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  17. Crossing the Red Sea with no mud on their feet, and I’m sure there was not even water misting to get them wet. Unlike when you visit Niagara Falls and ride the Maid of the Mist. They give you rain ponchos to wear ’cause you get wet! Love Mesu Andrews’ books! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Linda

    • Oh, I love that idea of no mist! Hadn’t thought of that, but maybe you’re right. They definitely had no muddy feet, because the Bible specifically tells us it was DRY GROUND that they walked on. I love that!

  18. What a great prize! The part of the Exodus story that I love the most is that God Himself was among His people, leading them and telling them when to camp, when to move. The whole story is full of wonder!

    • YES!! And the idea that it was the FIRST TIME God had dwelt among His people since the Garden is soooooooo significant. I just get so excited about this God stuff!!! 😉

  19. I think that I’m most amazed by how God proved Himself to be their provider. He not only provided the manna for them to eat for 40 years but everything else they needed while wandering in the wilderness. What about their clothing and shoes, did they have time to make new things or did they never wear out?

  20. I amazed at how much God did for them, imagine parting the Red Sea and still they gripped and fussed. So ungrateful!

  21. The part that most intrigues me is God’s enduring patience with his people. He literally did all these miracles and led them with pillars of smoke and fire and his people still doubted him every step of the way, often even saying we should’ve stayed in Egypt. God still led his people and did not abandon them even with their amazing lack of faith.

  22. The shofar is beautiful. I would love to be the receive such a holy symbol. I just finished Miriam a few days ago. I loved the dog protecting & loving Miriam. God was always there!

  23. I already own a shofar, so don’t pick me. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your books!

  24. I like that you got the thought of dogs being there! A lot of times I read the Bible & miss things because it does not seem to be a big part of the story or important, like the fact that dogs were there with the Israelites.

    • Isn’t it fun to pick out those little details? I think it makes the stories feel more real when we put ourselves in the moment and sort of read between the lines. 😉

    • I loved researching the plagues because in the book I used, a Christian scientist gave a natural phenomenon that a “doubter” could have used for any and all of the plagues if they wanted to explain away the causes as other than miraculous. His explanation for the extended darkness was very interesting. 😉 Freaky is a good word!!

  25. Really enjoy biblical fiction. Just starting The Pharaoh’s Daughter, and looking forward to reading Miriam.

    • I love those too. Our pastor was teaching on Abraham last week, and for the first time I heard the symbols of God’s covenant with Abraham–the animals arranged in a bloody corridor and God’s presence moving through it in the form of a smoking Firepot–equated with the pillars of fire and cloud during the Exodus. It was a reminder of Abraham’s covenant as He added the Law to the Promise. Very interesting!

  26. I can’t really decide, I love the whole historical story… But, well, maybe I’ll have to say that the Red Sea parting IS pretty amazing. Thank you for hosting a stop on this great scavenger hunt!

  27. The part about the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Reading such books as The Exodus Case and others along the same lines have challenged me to do more Bible research. I help teach a children’s class on Wednesdays and all of the background info about the Biblical accounts, word studies, commentaries, and all other sources I dig through really makes the lessons come to life for them.

    • Oh! I love that you do all that study for your kids’ class! What a blessing you are! Research is BY FAR my favorite part of writing Bible fiction. I started out writing Bible studies and then wrote fiction simply because I didn’t have the official credentials to publish the studies. Now I do all the research and still write fiction because I’ve found it’s the best way to reach the widest audience with deep truth. 😉

    • Yes! And I had my dear friends (who were raised Orthodox and came to know Yeshua as Messiah) read over MIRIAM’s Passover scene to be sure it was credible for the Jewish community. They approved. 😉 I hope you enjoy!

  28. Just the thought of moving hundreds of thousands of people at one time. That’s a lot of people for bed and breakfast!

    • Right? It was almost more than I could fathom. It took me several days and lots of prayer to write the actual Exodus scene because…seriously, where do you put all those people?

    • I love that you were able to show LOVE out of Exodus. It is soooooooooo much about God’s love, but so many folks focus on the judgment aspect and miss the whole point. Raising those VBS kids right!

  29. My favorite part of the Exodus story is when the Red Sea parted and the Israelites walked through. I kind of wonder what they saw in the Red Sea while crossing.

    • Me too! I love THE PRINCE OF EGYPT movie, where the fish are still swimming in the walls of water. 😉 Makes me wonder if maybe they did see some fish or something as they walked…and remember, they lived in Goshen their whole lives, so they wouldn’t have seen those sea creatures before! What an experience for them!

    • Oops! I didn’t click the rafflecopter to see what question was asked. One part of the Exodus that intrigues me is the parting of the Red Sea with God’s people passing through safely while the Egyptians were destroyed.

  30. I love reading her books and would love to win a shofar! I love it in Exodus where God parts the Red Sea and they walk on DRY land!

  31. I think the entire Exodus is pretty intriguing. Sometimes I wonder what it must have really been like to be a witness to all of that.

  32. I am looking forward to reading how you make the Biblical characters come alive with backgrounds and personal histories.

    • Oh, Peggy, I love these MIRIAM characters. Maybe because they’re so familiar to most of us–from movies, Bible stories, and just common culture. They were certainly fun to write!

  33. The part that intrigues me the most would have to be the part where Moses was hid as a baby. he was one of the only Hebrew babies that were hid and he survived! God’s hand was in that!

  34. The plagues and I love the shofar my moms been teaching me about the jews and I cant wait to tell her about your books! thanks for the contest!

  35. My favorite part of Exodus is when manna fell from Heaven, but it was only good on a daily basis, except the 6th day when it was good through the Sabbath as well. This was a great lesson in trust, faith and love. It also taught the Israelites that if they tried to hoard the food, God would rot the food. Great love and discipline does the Lord show.

    • Wow! You hit so many key lessons in Exodus with just that manna component–trust, faith, love, discipline. It’s all there in such amazing displays of God’s power. Thanks for your comments!

  36. I love the symbolism. The Hyssop is very important in the Bible, from Exodus, to the writings of David and then to Jesus on the cross!
    I also like how Miriam’s place in the story plays out. God doesn’t leave her out just because she’s a woman.
    What I love is how God never gives up on his people. It gives me hope for myself.
    Thanks for taking part in the hunt! I would love to win a Shofar.

    • Oh, you are my kind of gal! I can see that research tickles your fancy, and you love those deeper things that require extra digging. The shofar is a beautiful reminder of our past and our future!

    • Gotta say…I so get it when he smashes that first copy (when he came down and found the Israelites worshiping the golden calf). I think I would have been mad enough to do the same thing. Trotting up and down that mountain at 80 yrs old couldn’t have been easy either, right?

  37. I’m interested in Reading Mariam, I hadn’t heard of it before, I’m glad that I came across your page on this scavenger hunt.

  38. My favorite part of Exodus is the trust Moses has in God. I love seeing a man trust in God so much with his future and then it is wonderful to see the way that God provides for His people.

    • I love that relationship between Moses and God too. It’s truly unique among all the other relationships in Scripture. I love the way they sort of banter back and forth…very much friends, but Moses never forgets the holiness of God.

  39. The most amazing part of the Exodus account is how God used one man to lead a nation to freedom. We often are disappointed in Moses’ failures, but they were few in comparison with his great qualities, his faith in God and in the leadership he displayed for so many years to a wavering people. God’s faithfulness to his people is also awe inspiring. He chose them, and never left them, even when they turned their puny backs on Him.

    • You’re so right! I can’t decide who was the better leader–Moses or David. They both had strengths and weaknesses. Both were humble but got tripped up by pride. But, honestly, I think Moses had the tougher job.

  40. I am just studying Moses and the Exodus… I love God’s faithfulness and daily providing…just what I need to focus on every day. Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt.

  41. What intrigues me the most is the amount of people traveling together like that and having to be organized .

  42. The manna is quite intriguing – how would I use it and what would I store it in for Sabbath. Also, all the skill used to make the parts of the Tabernacle.

    • I think the skill used for EVERYTHING has been fascinating for me to research! I loved discovering Miriam’s herbal healing remedies, the jewelry making, the clothing, all of that stuff with the materials they had back then…amazing.

  43. I have to admit I’m thinking of the Dreamworks rendering, but the part where they cross through the Red Sea. In Dreamworks, the sea animals were swimming up and I just thought: wow, if that’s how it really was, that must have been incredible even while it was scary.

  44. Probably the fact that an entire nation of enslaved people manages to make a mass escape from a strong and powerful kingdom, and of course, the only way they can accomplish this is by the power of God, who proves Himself to both nations in such powerful and miraculous ways.

    • It really is quite staggering when we stop and thing about it, eh? And then add in the amount of silver, gold, clothing, and jewelry that the Israelites took with them (as gifts from the Egyptians), and it becomes even more miraculous!

  45. I like the part when Moses and God part the Red Sea so that the children of Israel can escape from the pursuing Egyptian army.

  46. I love your books. I enjoy how you take verses and stories I’ve read a hundred times and put a new perspective on them.

  47. I love that God puts up with and has compassion and mercy on Moses. Moses was not exactly the best man in the world, and he complained at least as much as the rest of Israel, yet God still showed grace to him.

  48. I love that God used an old man to lead the way. I believe that had He used someone young then it would have been easier for them to think that they could do things on their own (except part the sea that is).

    • Wow, great point. Our God often uses the weak and foolish things of this world so that the strong and capable don’t get the glory. I’m very much a poster child for that concept! Thanks for sharing your insights, LaKeisha!

  49. I don’t think intriguing is the right word but I am always amazed at how the people didn’t trust God in the wilderness after all he did for them. But I guess we are the same way today. We fail to see how good God is.

  50. A few things that come to mind when I think of the Exodus…

    #1 is the fact that this God who was delivering the Israelites must have been virtually unknown to most of them. They had been slaves to the Egyptians for 400 years and they knew no other life. Then this powerful God comes out of nowhere and delivers them with a lot of signs and wonders. It was no small thing for them to leave Egypt, terrible as their life there was, and to follow Moses and God into the wilderness.

    #2. Pillar of Fire by night and pillar of cloud by day….what would it have been like to see that?

    #3. I wonder if any of the Egyptians decided they’d rather go with the Israelites instead of stay with Pharaoh and his gods?

    • Love your thoughts, Jessica, and I think you’re spot-on! What a wonder to see that pillar of fire and cloud. And I believe some of the Egyptians actually did follow the Israelites out of Egypt. Pretty cool, huh?

  51. I just love the parting of the Red Sea. It has always been one of my favorite parts of the whole story. I like talking about it when I teach children’s bible quizzing.

  52. It’s kind of interesting to note that God is consistently referred to as “The LORD Your God” rather than just LORD or God. Makes me wonder why He was so careful to emphasize “your” God.

    • FANTASTIC observation! I think He did want to make sure they took ownership of Him and distinguished Him from the “other” gods of Egypt. Truly, everything else the Israelites had came from Egypt. Yahweh was the only thing they had that truly belonged to Israel alone!

  53. I am intrigued by the parting of the read sea. I am in awe of how God can make a way even when there is no way!

    What a unique prize you are offering. Thank you!

  54. I am really enjoying meeting all these new authors during the scavenger hunt. Thank you for this opportunity to meet all of you.

  55. The part of Exodus that intrigues me most is the absolute and total faith in God. To see him provide manna from Heaven, open up the Red Sea, etc. What a powerful God we serve!

  56. I think even though the people didn’t deserve it. Kept forgetting. Kept being unfaithful to God, He was ever faithful to them. There’s such hope and so, so much to learn.

  57. Every time I see or hear about a shofar, I think of my visit to Israel. It was truly an unforgettable experience. And hearing a shofar. Very unique but hard to do!

  58. I like to read about bibical fiction,thanks for sharing this and also on “The Hunt”, now I am off again.

  59. It is incredible to see in the physical sense how far God was willing to go to protect and free His people. The plagues, parting the Red Sea, providing food…It reminds us, that no matter what trials we might be facing, the Lord will always be there for us, fighting for us. And I have seen His provision for my family in many ways. From financial, to fellowship, to medical care. His love never fails!

  60. My mouth just dropped when I saw your shofar giveaway! soooo awesome – I miss being part of the church where it was a regular part of worship, so this would be such a blessing – Thankyou for your generous offer!

    God’s active Presence and involved guidance…

  61. The part of Exodus that amazes me is the amount of faith the people had to have to set off into the unknown with all their families and possessions.

    • It’s awesome that you’ve thought that deeply into the story. Lots of folks read right over that emotion. Good for you! I can’t imagine how scary those first few steps out of Egypt must have been!

    • YES! They were holding up his arms because of the battle they faced soon after they left Egypt. Can you imagine? Slaves all their lives and then faced with battle? Eeeeeek! (Glad you like the shofar)

  62. I love the movie “The Prince Of Egypt” and have always been curious about Moses and his relationship with Pharaoh. When being raised like brothers that would make their interactions all the more interesting. What could they be thinking or feeling?

    • The historical/biblical facts are a little different than the movie, but some of the story is the same. It will be fun for you to discover which is fact and which is fiction. Regardless, your question about Moses’ conflicting emotions is a valid one. He’d grown up with some of the Egyptians God was now judging with the plagues. It would have been tough for him, I’m sure.

  63. Hi Mesu! Thank you for being a part of the Scavenger Hunt. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but would love to. I’ve been fascinated with the Passover Seder and the symbolic meaning behind each element that transpires during the meal. (I’ve actually had the privilege to be part of a Seder Supper and loved it.) The other thing that I’ve always thought was super cool was God parting the Red Sea for His children. What an awesome miracle! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Angi! I’ve never been part of a Seder meal, and I had hoped to participate this year…but missed it. I used the traditional Seder to write the Passover scene in the book and had my Jewish friends look over it for authenticity. I hope it accurately portrays both the historical event and the New Testament fulfillment of its meaning. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book. 😉

  64. My first experience with the Exodus was the movie “The Ten Commandments.” I have loved the story ever since! And I was so excited to see you writing about it!! I love your books, Mesu!! Thank you for being part of this scavenger hunt…and thank you for sharing your talent!

  65. There are so many things about Exodus I enjoy- I am involved in a study of it with the women of my church and we are going very in depth and I am seeing new things in it.

    • Oh, how fun!!!! Digging into Scripture with women in your church is the absolute best way to learn from God’s Word–and deepen long-lasting friendships. Good for you, gal!

  66. When I was born again in 1971 the first person that I admired and “fell in love ” with was Moses. OF COURSE JESUS WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE #1 !!!! However, I was not raised to read the Bible so it was all new to me.!! I would LOVE to win the horn !!

  67. I think Zipporah is really intriguing and mysterious. We really don’t know much about her, but the glimpses we do get are colorful!

    • Oh, man! I sooooooooo wanted to write my next book about her and Moses’ and their relationship when they were reunited at Mt. Sinai…Alas, my publisher felt differently. I’ll be announcing my next book topic later in May. 😉 (But I sooooo agree with you about Zipporah!)

  68. I am always blown away by the sheer numbers of people involved. Hundreds of thousands of Israelites escaped from Egypt. I cannot even fathom that.

    • You and me, both! It was so hard to wrap my brain around those numbers and actually try to write that chapter in a way that communicated it on a scale that readers would FEEL the magnitude!

  69. Although I love the Exodus story, I am intrigued by your book and Miriam. My best friend named her daughter Miriam and I sent her a link to your book and she gasped. Literally, gasped! She loved the cover just like I did and she also loves Biblical fiction. I may have just brought you a new fan. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Maybe you should be my publicist, Terrill! Thanks for the referral, and I hope your friend enjoys the book! BTW, I love my cover too. 😉 My publisher did a fantastic job.

  70. My favor it part of Exodus is when Moses gets the staff that can perform miraculous sings with it 🙂 What a gift God gave Moses.

  71. I love Moses’ faithfulness in listening and responding to God’s call despite all of the difficulties this brings about for him.

  72. The whole book is fascinating.I would love to win this.I have never seen one.Thanks for the chance.

  73. All of it is intriguing especially when God gives the Ten Commandments and Where Gods gives instructions.

  74. The whole story of Exodus is amazing, but nothing can top the parting of the Red Sea! I get so annoyed that after witnessing that great miracle the Israelites could still complain, but then I think about how much God has blessed me and I can still find things to complain about. It’s human nature, I guess, but I don’t like it in me or the Israelites! That shofar is amazing! I ave always dreamed of owning one!

  75. One thing that intrigues me is the ninth plague, darkness. It was dark even in the Egyptian’s homes, yet not in the Israelite’s. Did God use a physical phenomenon to cause that? Three days is too long for an eclipse. Maybe a cloud from an eruption? Or was it an instance where there is no corresponding phenomenon we can attribute.

    • The book I used for my research on the plagues, THE MIRACLES OF EXODUS, by Colin Humphreys, gave fantastic scientific explanations for ALL the plagues. It was fascinating to see how God gave a thin sliver of scientific possibility for each plague for anyone who wanted to doubt.

  76. God’s faithfulness to His people even though they found it hard to be always be faithful to Him. Their lack of patience in His timing is so typical of many of us today.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Mesu – love the shofar and it’s significance!!

  77. With us being right in the middle of Passover, the Exodus story is particularly poignant. The plagues must have been amazing — and to think that it finally took the killing of each firstborn before they were freed.
    But, I also am amazed how much grumbling against God there was. I would *like* to think, “If I was there, I wouldn’t have done that!” And yet, how much do I grumble about my own circumstances in every day life – taking things for granted? How often do I take for granted the freedom in Christ that I have received?

    • This theme has come up repeatedly in the comments, and I think we all would hope we could do better…and know we wouldn’t. That human nature thing tends to draw us into grumbling when our self-focus gets the least little bit uncomfortable. With the Holy Spirit’s help, perhaps we can all be more God-focused!

  78. I found it interesting how after God brought them out of Egypt and fed them with mana from heaven that they soon forgot what they left and became ungrateful. They complained about being in the desert and always eating mana. I get annoyed with them, but I can see how I might do the same thing. How quickly we forget what God gives us.

  79. All of it’s pretty amazing. I love how the blood of the lamb over the door of the home pointed to the coming Messiah. I love seeing how the Old Testament points to Jesus!

  80. That even though Moses saw his inability, God told him step-by-step; he would be led with His ability. God continually frees His people. So thankful for His rescue of us. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

    • It really was intriguing to march through this story through the eyes of Miriam and Eleazar (Aaron’s third son). Scripture is basically telling the story from God’s and Moses’s point of view, but to see the events from someone who didn’t get the warnings first…VERY enlightening.

  81. The entire account of the Exodus from Egypt has always intrigued me. Particularly the plagues. And how God required only the blood on the doorposts for them to save their firstborns. I look forward to reading this and hearing Miriam’s point of view.

  82. The thing that amazes me about the Exodus story is that even though they can see God doing amazing things, they still doubt and question. I don’t know why that surprises me, though, because I do the same thing. Thank you for being part of this scavenger hunt.

  83. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the story (pictures too!!) of the Princess rescuing baby Moses from the Nile and his sister Miriam offering to get their mother as his wet nurse. I’ve read PHAROAHS DAUGHTER on my Kindle which gave me many new insights. Now MIRIAM is on my wish list to read next. I greatly appreciate the way you incorporate fictional characters but remain true to Scriptural facts in your books. I dislike many of the movies supposedly portraying Bible stories because they leave out so many known facts but add fictional scenes that aren’t really accurate.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed THE PHARAOH’S DAUGHTER! I think you’ll really enjoy MIRIAM and the kids and grandkids of some of the characters from book #1 in the series. Thanks, too, for your encouragement, dear one!

  84. Hmm, just one thing? Well, I’d say how God protected and took care of his people the whole time. He was before and behind them. Leading them the whole way. 🙂

    • That protection is HUGE, isn’t it? I love to explore the protection of God. There are some hard questions about it that the characters address in this book. Very interesting…

  85. Thank you for participating in the hunt again! It’s always a lot of fun, even though I never win. In a way, I do win because I have been introduced to many new writers and now own many of their books, thanks to my mom who gives me Amazon gift cards for birthdays!

  86. What excites me most about Exodus is the adventure God takes His people on, & seeing how He provided for them, despite their constant griping, & being reminded of His loving patience in giving us blessings even when all we see is desolation & hardship.

    • Oh, that focus…why do we choose to see only desolation and hardship when God’s presence is RIGHT THERE? I’m so guilty, just like those Israelites. It’s a great reminder, isn’t it?

  87. i didnt no where to post but i love to listen to podcast when im waiting to pick my son up from school its an hour and 20 minute wait

  88. The parting of the Red Sea is one of the stories that stirs my heart, when thinking about the Biblical Exodus. It’s so wonderful to think of God displaying his power in a way no one can deny–believer or unbeliever. How wonderful to be able to claim this God as my Father and Leader.

    • Amen, Sistah!!! I love that too! And when I think of the actual logistics of that miracle–the water, the people, the sea creatures, the army drowning–it boggles my mind!

  89. Well, now I’m intrigued by dogs. 🙂

    The thing that baffles me is that after seeing all of the plagues and all of the miracles that the Israelites still doubted God

  90. I love the part where the Israelites see the Egyptians coming after them and freak out, but God opens the Red Sea for them and they escape. It’s such a dramatic and exciting moment!

    I love all your books, and a couple years ago I was thinking that either you or Tracy Higley should write a book about the Exodus. So I was really happy when I realized that’s what Miriam is about. I’m currently reading it, and now I’ll have a better mental picture of what the dog looks like–I had imagined him as a Border Collie, which of course would be anachronistic!

    • Oh, how fun! So glad you’ve got a picture of the REAL Sattar to carry you through the book! Isn’t he gorgeous? Tracy wrote a book set in Egypt that I loved…PYRAMID OF SECRETS (originally released as, SECRETS OF THE DEAD). It was set more so in New Testament times if I remember correctly (but it’s been years since I read it). Thanks for your encouragement, Sabrina!

  91. Hello new beautiful inspiring Author to follow! A long line of websited led me here and im so glad i have heard about you! I cant believe your giveaway prize!!! How amazingly shocking! Positively excited here!!! So I havent ever read any of your books, but hey now i will! count on it!
    thanks, thankyou, yay!!

    • I love kiwis! My pastor and his wife are from New Zealand, and our family did a cruise around your beautiful country back in 2009 (not nearly enough time to see the land). Sorry about the drawing, but thanks for stopping by! 😉

  92. my favorite aspect of the book of exodus is that God still is faithful and loving to his people even after they constantly forsake him.

  93. What part of the Exodus story intrigues you most?
    Them leaving on dry ground. I always liked that part and it showed so much how God can do a thing in perfection. None sick among them, they were blessed, and they were guided by God. 🙂

  94. The part about the plagues that struck Egypt. It is hard for a lot of us to fathom is how bad even one of those plagues were! Just the fact that you literally could not step anywhere without stepping on a frog or how massive hailstones had to be to kill cattle.

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