“Through-the-Bible” Character Contest

Mesu and Lyndsey 8-12-15This Friday–April 29th–my co-host, Lyndsey Kirk, and I will begin our “Through-the-Bible” Character Series on our podcast, REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD.

Lyndsey and I will systematically chat our way through Old Testament characters, telling the Bible’s single story of God’s desire to reveal Himself and relate to humankind. We’ll start in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and end in Persia with Queen Esther. Each episode will look at a specific Bible character and ask two questions:rprg

  1. What is our REAL GOD doing in that story? AND
  2. How are those REAL PEOPLE reacting/interacting with Him?

By discovering the way God revealed Himself and related to biblical characters, we’ll learn more about how He reveals Himself and desires to be in relationship with us. The notes for the podcast will be published here on my blog so you can leave comments or ask questions if you like!

Join us here every-other-Friday or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you’ll never miss an episode!

2016 podcast contest prizeFor a little extra incentive…I thought we’d do another contest! Check out this fun little mp3 player–that will play any podcast you want! It’s iTunes compatible so you can listen to REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD even when you’re on the go. Just clip it to your belt, sleeve, purse strap–whatever!

Contest begins today (4/22) and deadline to enter is April 28th at midnight (PST). Giveaway open to U.S. residents only (due to shipping costs), and you can enter once a day, as many times as you like.

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  1. Not sure my phone will like the subscription, but I’ll give it a try!
    To answer the question on the entry form: I exercise 30 min. most evenings, and that would be a great time to listen to a podcast! Looking forward to giving this a try.

  2. I’m trying to work out and exercise more. I usually walk at night with my mom or friends. So I would say about 25-30 minutes is the average. Thank you!

  3. My sisters and I walk at night and we usually do about 25 minutes. I have a friend who actually purchased underwater headphones and a waterproof case for her phone, and listens to it while swimming! I would love to figure out how to do that.

  4. I listen to the podcast at my lunch hour, but since I have other things I must do then also, I only get about 15 minutes a day. Thanks and God Bless

    • Thanks so much, Jeffery, for letting me know about the time constraints. Lyndsey and I are trying to figure out if we need to cut the time on our discussion or if folks would be willing to listen to it in pieces. Blessings right back atcha, brother!

    • You’re not alone, Mike. I’m getting a lot of 25-30 min. time slots in people’s days. Airplane mechanic, huh? My nephew is doing helicopters in one of the military branches. Pretty cool stuff. 😉

  5. I have never really listened to pod casts … one of those new-fangled things I have shied away from. But I love your books and your insights, so this is one I would like to start with

    • You and me, both, Kate! I’m giving away this mp3 thingy, but I have no idea how it works! LOL! I hope no one emails me for technical advice after winning it! 😉

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