Devotions With Depth

Looking for a brief yet insightful glimpse into God’s Word? Deep-O-Tionals uses fun and simple stories to illustrate eternal truths.

If you’re interested in perusing past lessons learned, check out the archived Deep-O-Tionals from our study in Acts or our study on Exodus.
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That You May Believe–John 1:1-28

The first four books of the New Testament are called “gospels,” meaning “good news.” Each of the four tells the story of Jesus’ life here on earth, but each one emphasizes different lessons from His life just as different people watching the same event would tell of that event differently. The Gospel of John, however, … Read More

Hidden in the Thorns – Acts 28:11-31

Needing a place to hide? Are the thorns in life feeling a little too prickly? Check out today’s DEEP-O-TIONAL and discover how Paul used his “thorns” as protection, inspiration, and a filter that built his relationship with God and others. Read More

Crucial Moments, Life-Changing Choices – Acts 27:27-44

My parents were not above bribery. I was nineteen years old, and my life was sliding fast down a slippery slope. During the spring semester of my freshman year at college, my dad called to offer me a deal: If I’d come home and finish my degree at a commuter college, he’d buy me a … Read More

READING THE SIGNS – Acts 27:1-26

This newborn baby stuff is tricky. Our daughter’s first baby is barely two weeks old, and I’ve said, “I don’t know,” more in these last two weeks than I’ve said it since…well, since my daughter was a newborn. For instance, is she really smiling in that picture, or is it just a gas bubble? I don’t … Read More


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “preachin’ to the choir.” It means you’re telling someone something they already know. Well, in the writing world, “preachin’ to the choir” can have another meaning that’s totally positive. It can imply a writer knows her audience and is meeting their edu-tainment needs. (I borrowed that word from my husband…who … Read More

FOLLOW THE LEADER – Acts 25:1-22

What makes a good leader? A good parent? A good friend? Interestingly, the same qualities apply to all and are traits Jesus displayed while He walked on this earth. It’s sort of amazing to see them in a Roman governor… Read More