Free Download from Tosca Lee & THE LOST YEARS OF MEHY Cover Reveal!

July’s bargain comes from my sweet friend Tosca Lee’s first biblical novel, Havah. It’s one of my all-time favorite biblical novels because I love Tosca’s lyrical writing voice.

Every author has deleted scenes–and sometimes whole chapters–that don’t make the final cut. The content may not fit the flow of the story, or perhaps it was sacrificed to meet a word-count limit.

Count yourself one of the privileged few to get Tosca Lee’s EXCLUSIVE deleted chapters from Havah, her first biblical novel!

Click the book cover below to download!!

Havah-Tosca Lee


In June, I offered y’all a free download of my ebook short, The Lost Years of Mehy, a prequel to my most recent release, Miriam. That’s still available, and this month we’re unveiling the new cover! Thanks to Brennan McPherson and his buddy, Josh Meyer, for the great job! Click on the cover below for your free pdf download.

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  1. Mesu, your newsletters and updates bring warm smiles to my face and heart as you share yourself, your personal revelations, your passions, and your deep wisdom. Your love for the Lord and his word is evident in all you write. Thanks for sharing your family life and ups and downs too. Though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you as a friend more and more – and you’re not a ‘super-spiritual’ author who knows it all!!
    Thanks for all you give through your newsletters and other communications. May daily grace, favour and anointing be yours in abundance.

    • Thank you so much, Jenny, for your encouragement and blessing. I receive it with a grateful heart, and I assure you–I’m blessed by so many readers like you as I pour out my heart. What a joy that the Lord has given me the opportunity to do the thing I love with people of like mind and hearts. He is sooooo good!

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