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The Powerful Presence by Lyndsey Kirk

Terrifying, Mysterious, and Untamed What would you do if you were given an object that represented all the power and presence of God on earth? Would you be delighted? Terrified? Would you use it like a talisman? Would you give it away? Steal it? I think I would be a bit terrified at first, but … Read More

Real People, Real God—Samuel, Hannah, Eli


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Today, we begin with a look at Samuel’s parents (before they were parents)—Elkanah and Hannah. They are a wonderful picture of faithfulness to Yahweh during the time of Israel’s judges. Remember the time of the Judges? “Israel had no king, and everyone did … Read More

Choose Life, Give Life

Grammy gives J psd's

This week’s blog is a duplicate of the featured article in my January newsletter. If you’d like to read the other portions of the newsletter, CLICK HERE to subscribe! Be Alive in 2017 I have to say, I was looking forward to the 2016 holiday season more than perhaps any in my life before it. … Read More

Roy’s 2017 Birthday Challenge!

December has passed into January bringing with it hopes renewed! After celebrating the joyous birth of our Savior, we now focus on our dreams and goals for the new year. As part of that celebration, I invite you enter Roy’s Birthday Challenge for a chance to win the full set of the Treasures of the Nile series, … Read More

Real People, Real God—Hannah’s & Mary’s Prayers


     Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: We’re pausing for a moment in our Through the Bible Character Series to take a brief look at the prayers of two Israelite women. Both pregnant, these ladies lived at different times in Israel’s history, but had very similar prayers. In light of … Read More

A Story of Salvation by Lyndsey Kirk

story hearts

Have you ever been in a place of deep and desperate need? Stunted by physical or emotional pain. Stymied by what life has handed you, and it looks like there’s now way out. Is this how your story will end? Not a great feeling, huh? Here’s another question. Have you ever experienced someone reaching out … Read More

Real People, Real God—Deborah and the Judges


         Play Podcast using the Stitcher App How to Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: Please welcome my guest co-host for today, Jill Eileen Smith. She’s a good friend and an expert researcher. Today, we’ll chat primarily about her book, The Prophetess, a biblical novel exploring the life and times of Deborah, Israel’s only female judge. A Series of … Read More

Mesu’s 2016 Birthday Contest!

December is a great time to celebrate! Twinkling lights. Sparkly clothes. And yummy food. But let’s not forget the reason for the season. This beautiful nativity reminds us of the journey and joy a humble couple experienced long ago—and the birth of their special boy. God’s Son. Our Savior.  Two Ways to Win If you’re … Read More

See the Corrected Judges Video

Sorry for the video mix-up on last Friday’s post on the Judges. I’ve embedded the CORRECT Bible Project video this time, so you can watch the Book of Judges in about 7 minutes. It’s a fascinating look at a difficult part of Scripture… Thanks again to the Bible Project for this fabulous resource! They’re hoping … Read More

Here Come the Judges


Think of the most violent movie you’ve ever watched. It’s perhaps not the most violent I’ve seen, but Schindler’s List is certainly hard to watch with its heart-rending portrayal of the inhumane treatment of the Jewish people during WWII. Why do we watch violence? Why do we rubber-neck at a car accident? What are we hoping to … Read More