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The “About Mesu” page is a little overview of my life and offers shortcuts to certain pages on the website. So grab your mouse and start clicking!

I’ve been married to Roy Andrews since 1984—who I’ve known since we were both third-graders. You can read more about our story in my Personal Testimony. We have two grown daughters. They’re married now and presenting us with adorable grandbabies—our reward for not killing them when they were children. (Just kidding, of course—not about the “adorable” part.) You can catch glimpses of our family adventures in the weekly Deep-O-Tionals and Blog posts on the website. Family adds the spice to my life and keeps my nose buried in my Bible!

During my younger years, I was an over-the-top extrovert; however, in 1997 My Chronic Illness Battle began a transformation that changed me at the very core. I once thrived on people, teaching, speaking. DO-ing ministry of any kind fulfilled me, but when I could no longer DO ministry like I’d always done it, I had to learn a new way to BE content. You can download a free copy of the Daily Scripture Prayer that helped me through that transition.

God never wastes our suffering, and it was during those long hours, days, and weeks in bed that my passion for biblical novels awakened. Now I love to read it AND write it. The books I love to read are listed in Mesu’s Library. The biblical novels I loved writing are listed in Mesu’s Books. Click on my book covers, and you’ll find downloadable Bible study and group discussion questions—and you can even request free bookmarks!

I hope you can see this is your website as well as mine. Please visit often—or subscribe to receive Deep-O-Tionals and Blog posts directly in your inbox!

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Mesu Andrews

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